• New and unique: Horncheese, here and now available.


    With our new retail van, we offer a large amount of organic products.


    Even in winter there are many varying possibilities in wallis.




Welcome to our farm Schmeli

The Schmeli Farm is situated in the touristy region Brig/Aletsch on the territory of the community Termen, 850 m above sea level. It is about 4 km west of the village Termen. The nearest city,  Brig,  is 2 km away.

The farm is surrounded by the nature reserve “Achera Biela” with its various flora and fauna. The area is a mixture of plains, fairly steep slopes and terraced flattenings. The meadows and pastures “Undri Biela” are multifariously delineated by a rich stock of hedge along brooks and irrigation canals.

The Schmeli Farm nestles in these open fields on a country plain.